Snake on the Nokia 5120

One of my first cell phones was the Nokia 5120. It was a good phone, had good battery life, and was very durable. But, the best part of that phone was the built in game, Snake!



Texting was not a thing yet when I had my 5120. So, besides for making calls, there wasn’t much to do. But, Snake was there to entertain me. The concept and game of Snake was no where near anything new. I’ve played it many times. I believe Microsoft QBasic even has a bundle version to show off how to program. Snake on the 5120 was controlled by the 2,4,6, and 8 keys acting as a D-pad. Control the Snake, make him eat the food on screen, and he gets longer. The game gets tougher as your Snake character  get too long to get out of it’s own way. I believe you got a score at the end.



The one built in game did not give the variety available on the App Store and Play Store for today’s phone, but Snake is still a lot of fun.