Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold – Quick-review

I recently fired up a Windows 95 PC that I have had in storage for a bit. I plan on doing a video of it soon. But, once I got it setup I decided to see what 3.5 inch floppies were still read-able and I found an old shareware copy of Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold!


Blake Stone is a 1st person shooter that runs on the same game engine as Wolfenstein 3D. I first played someone else’s copy long ago, then acquired by own copy. Oddly enough, I actually BOUGHT the shareware floppy disk from a dollar store. I think I bought DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D the same day.


Anyway,  the game was release December 3rd 1993 by Apogee Software. It’s not too complex a game, you walk around, grabbing keycards, ammo, candybars, gold, and blast baddies. All and all, a lot of sci-fi filled, DOS fun!