Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins – Mini-review



I Recently downloaded Mario Land 2 for the 3DS virtual console. I’ve always like 2 better than the original mario land. The original is not a bad game, just different. I’ll probably play it again soon. Mario Land 2 introduced us to Wario, Mario’s yellow wearing doppelganger, who would later go on to be playable in Mario Land 3. As with Mario Land 1, game development was directed by someone different that Mario creator Miyamoto, thus the game has a different feel and flow to it. But, still very fun.
The game has a good flow to it with the different zones, give it a ‘level select’ feel. I’m not a fan of the last level of the space zone. It’s an auto-scroll level where you are dodging stars you can’t touch at all. Normally for Mario, stars mean awesome invincible time, but not these mean stars, they are out for blood.
The last level, Wario’s Castle, to me, is crazy hard. It’s one big level, no check point, with a 3 tiered fight with Wario at the end. I have not got through it yet. Hopefully soon.