Rock Band 4 or Guitar Hero Live (Reviewed on Xbox One)

Rock Band 4 or Guitar Hero Live (Reviewed on Xbox One)


Upon the release of the two music rhythm based juggernauts making their debut on the new gen consoles I was beside myself in which one to purchase.  Mind you I haven’t played either of these series in quite some time.  The last Rock Band I played was RB2, and as for Guitar Hero I believe it was GH World Tour.

Now as I made my way to Game Stop I knew that GHL wasn’t going to be released for another week, as RB4 had just come out.  I wasn’t interested in the whole setup but mainly the guitar and a mic.  When entering Game Stop I noticed they had a PS4 kiosk with GHL setup, so I decided to give it a whirl.  I’ve been pretty interested to see how this new button design of 3 buttons on top and 3 buttons right below the top 3.  I HATED IT.

Put it down halfway through a song and made my way to the counter to purchase RB4 with guitar and a mic.  I went home right after my purchase excited to rip my new but all too familiar axe and RB series game.  That’s the thing…  This game is exactly like the RB games of old.  There seemed to be some new features which may have been in version post RB2, as I said previously I haven’t played anything past RB2.

However the game was pretty entertaining and I did enjoy it.  I didn’t like the lack of songs available, and opening new ones felt more like a chore rather than an accomplishment.   The tour mode was fun but when it was all said and done, the game lacked the replay value I was longing for.

After a few weeks of playing RB4 here and there (also bought about $20 of downloadable songs) I decided to trade it in and try my luck with GHL.  I wish I gave that game more than 1 minute of my time at Game Stop because the guitar layout (once you get the hang of it) is amazing.  The “tour” mode is short but pretty damn cool as it’s a first person view at different venues with different bands with 3 to 4 song sets.  The crowd and band act appropriate to the way you play, and its real full motion video, not the rehashed cartoon animations found in the RB series.

After I completed that I tried what’s called GHTV.  This mode pits you against other people online as there are songs constantly playing on their GHTV channel lineup.  Think of it like your cable guide station on your cable box.  Where you can see what’s playing every half hour.  They have everything from indie punk, to goth rock.  There seem to be thousands of songs.  Also you have a track list as well which isn’t the same as the venues you played in the tour mode.

What makes this games replay value very high is that you gain XP and level up as well, pending on how good you do.  Your XP allows you to open things such as raising your standard multiplier from 4x to 5x up to 8x.  Another allows you to clear the whole screen of notes.  There are around 8 power ups to choose from.  There’s more things to open besides a few cosmetics so this really changes the game and how you attempt playing a song, and even giving you more reasons to try harder difficulties.

In conclusion both games are fun, but GHL with its new guitar and high amount of replay value make it a no brainer.

  • Serious ii