The Batmobile Top-loader NES

Sony recently released the Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight bundle.



Now, that console is nice. Very nice, actually. But, I found another Batman themed system that I feel is quite a bit nicer…






BEHOLD! The Batmobile NES! Facebook user JA Platt unveiled his latest creation today. This amazing device is a NES model 2 (aka top-loader) squeezed into a toy Batmobile. This style of Batmobile is the vehicle featured in the 1989 Batman film starring Michael Keaton.



The open-air cockpit has been converted into the cartridge slot, the controller ports are molded into the sides of the car, and the passenger side rocket launcher has been fashioned into the power switch.


Even the standard square NES controllers got a small make-over, now sporting the BATMAN title from the classic Tim Burton film.


So, how are you playing Batman tonight? I will tell you right now that  playing it on a Batmobile is better!