Wood Grain Atari 7800 ProSystem

Wood grain and the 1970’s were synonymous. It adorned nearly everything that was not a kitchen appliance in the “Me” decade. Televisions, HiFi systems, and even Pong machines wore the brown facade proudly.

When the Atari VCS hit the scene in 1977, it also had a fat sticker along the front in that familiar faux grain. But, once the early 1980’s hit, it was time for menacing black to cover Atari consoles. The redesigned 2600 and 5200 were black and silver now, and when it was time for the 7800 ProSystem to finally premiere, it looked just like the rest.

Recently, though. Over on AtariAge a user showed off a beautiful 7800 made to look 10 years older than it is. The look sounds terrible on paper, but in action it is a thing of 1970’s beauty. See it below.