The 10 Million Model Playstation

It’s not so often that I come across something gaming related that I have not heard of before. But, today, I did. The 10 Million Model Playstation.


Released in 1998 to commemorate the success of the Playstation selling 10 million units, Sony released this midnight blue edition of the console. Less than 100 of these special edition systems were released per region, so that makes finding one of these gems a true challenge.



The sticker on the bottom indicates “Not for Sale”. So, I have to assume these units were given away as promotions, or possibly to developers or press.  At first glance I had thought this was the also hard to come by ‘Net Yaroze’, Sony’s consumer edition developer edition Playstation. But, the model number of a Net Yaroze is DTL-H300x, while the 10 Million Model bears the model SCPH-7000, SCPH-7001, or SCPH-7002, depending on region version.

What sparked my sudden research of the system was reddit user ‘neut6o1’ posting his yard sale find of the rarity. Congrats to him on snagging a great deal a truly rare piece of gaming.