Original Prototype Sony/Nintendo Pictures emerge


Since the 90’s, everyone has hear about the fabled and ultimately canceled Super NES CD add-on for the Super Nintendo and Super Famicom. The never released competitor to the Sega CD.

Sony was one of companies working with Nintendo to produce the add-on, and part of the deal would allow Sony to release a combination System that would play existing Super Famicom / Super NES cartridges and then emerging SNES-CD games. They were going to call this console the “Play Station”.

The deal fell through, and Nintendo called off the partnership last minute. They left Sony holding a partially developed console and continued to work the same deal with Phillips instead. Later on, it was found Nintendo felt they gave Sony too much control, and felt a Phillips partnership let Nintendo retain more leadership on the project.

Instead of leaving gaming industry, Sony would go on to take what they learned from developing the “Play Station” and turn their efforts into the original “Playstation”, which was released in 1994/1995. Nintendo eventually broke off the Phillips deal as well. Their consolation prize was getting to use Nintendo’s Mario and Legend of Zelda characters in four games for the doomed Phillips CD-I game system.

Until now, pictures of the never released “Play Station” have been limited to low quality images, but these much better photos have now emerged. Their authenticity may be questionable, but they do look like the genuine article.









High Quality images are here.