Gameboy Advance and how I nearly missed out on it.

So, I got the original GameBoy Advance the day it launched. I have always been a big fan of the pickup and play prowess of portable systems. Prior to that, I was still playing the GameBoy Pocket and Pokemon Red. I never got the Color at the time.

I got several games for the Advance:  Metroid Fusion, The Legend of Zelda Four Swords, and Castlevania Circle of the Moon. I really enjoyed them. But, I slowly got tired of the lack of backlight. So, it was put aside until the SP version came out. I got the SP shortly after its release, and replayed the GBA games I already had. I also got Mario VS Donkey Kong at that point.

Then, I kind of drifted away from portables until the Lite version of the Nintendo DS game out. Started getting into the DS games, and have been playing them since, eventually upgrading to the 3DS.

However, one day around the time of the 3DS launch, I noticed a bin of GBA games at GameStop. I started to peruse through them, and realized something: I missed out on a LOT of really good GBA games!

The Super Mario Advance games, Mega Man and Bass, Kirby, Legend of Zelda Minish Cap, Advance Wars, all the Pokemon Games, and so many more. When did all of these come out?! How was I not aware? So, I’ve been buying these now as I find them.

So, lesson learned, keep an eye out for what’s out there.